About Us

Yunus Social Business Fund Bengaluru (YSBFB) was envisioned to harness the potential of impact businesses and leaders, in India. YSBFB is committed to fund and support businesses that are solving human problems. With specific focus in housing, healthcare, education and agriculture, YSBFB is set to provide financing solutions to game-changing businesses.

YSBFB is part of YSB India Initiatives. YSB India Initiatives is part of YSB Global Initiatives  Founded in 2011 by Saskia Bruysten, Sophie Eisenmann and Nobel Peace Laureate Muhammad Yunus, YSB’s mission is to promote social business as a sustainable alternative to long-term aid, bridging the gap between business and philanthropy.

YSBFB’s founders have their roots in social development and microfinancing. Vinatha M Reddy, was the Founder and Chairperson and Suresh Krishna was the Co-promoter and MD of Grameen Koota, a leading microfinance institution. They were instrumental in building, leading and transforming Grameen Koota, from an NGO to a large NBFC MFI. Grameen Koota became a seminal movement, empowering over 15 lakh poor and rural women, across Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharastra, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, providing microfinance services. Grameen Koota was inspired by Grameen Bank (Bangladesh) founded by Prof. Muhammud Yunus.

TMT Community Trust (TMTCT) is the major shareholder in Yunus Social Business Fund Bengaluru. TMTCT, established in 2008, is a tax paying public charitable trust, which liquidated its shareholding in Grameen Koota in June 2016, with a vision of supporting many more social businesses in various sectors like health, housing, education, employment etc.

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